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Elizabeth Morley

author and illustrator of adventure stories

for children aged seven to eleven

COMPRESSED SHHB front cover 5 Nov 2020.j
It is a cliff top scene at night. A hedgehog shines her torch ahead of her as she walks across a wheat field towards a cliff edge. In the background search lights scan the sea.
It is night time on a snow covered mountain. Three hedgehogs are skiing down the mountainside at high speed. The hedgehog in front looks back and sees his two, armed pursuers are catching up with him.
Two hedgehogs fly through space in their trusty little red spacecraft, called Rusty. AIn the background is a spacerocket and beyond that is a small blue planet - the Earth
  • The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay - a tale of smuggling and intrigue set in the 1770s.


  • Where Hedgehogs Dare - a story of wartime heroism set in 1940.


  • Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy - a modern-day espionage story - and Snipper's first adventure.


  • Hedgehogs From Outer Space - science fact meets science fiction in Snipper's second adventure.


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