HEDGEHOGS FROM OUTER SPACE is Snipper's second adventure. As the story opens, Snipper is looking forward to watching the launch of the space shuttle. Riding inside will be his friends - astronauts who are to spend the next six months orbiting Earth on board the internation space station. But Snipper never makes it to their launch.


Whisked off to a distant galaxy himself, he soon has other things on his mind - a rescue mission, a plot which threatens the future of his entire planet and a seemigly impossible journey home. As he navigates his way across a hostile universe, he must learn to land a spacecraft, assume an alien identity and secretly visit strange new worlds - where days are longer than years and plants grow only underground. His friends have long since given him up for lost, but their paths will cross again and they must all play their part. The future of the Earth rests in their paws.

181 pages

95 illustrations

postscript explains facts behind the story

black and white £7.50

coming soon in full colour £8.50

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