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"...The Smugglers of Hog’s Head Bay does not disappoint. It is a delightful book with charming illustrations... a suspenseful, enjoyable story. Morley’s words flow easily and... She has captured the essence of the different characters right down to the way they speak. The story realistically captures the way life and society was in that era. I highly recommend this book for older children and adults. " (LoveReading4Kids)


"Adam (12) loved Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy. Really gripping & loved all the characters.  Looking forward to more."

"Rebecca 14 and Jack 5 both loved Where Hedgehogs Dare - a Resistance WWII story. Lovely story and prose, very well written with beautiful characterful illustrations. A gem of a book - something to treasure."

"Sam has read Hedgehogs from Outer Space and thinks it is the best one yet."

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Hedgehogs from Outer Space! It is inspired and a brilliant read - I'm now seeking out further tales of Snipper's adventures. Thank you for some rare enjoyment not tainted by all the everyday dramas."

"The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay is a wonderful read, well illustrated and paints a brilliant historical picture of smuggling times. For IoW readers the links to the island are very meaningful and helps to paint the picture. My 9 yr old grandson says 'best book ever' and hasn't stopped talking about it. Cannot wait for the next book." (Suzie)

"Sophie (7) loves history and was spellbound by Where Hedgehogs Dare - a female hedgehog hero & lots of adventure made it her perfect book!"

"My nephew loved Where Hedgehogs Dare and Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy - has now started reading them to his 6 year old brother!"

"I've purchased the books for my son. My son was 9 when the first book was out. He's a proper bookworm, scores well at school on literacy and commented on how good the writing is. My 8 year old daughter is now on the case!" (John M.)

"My sons (aged eight and eleven) both read and really enjoyed Where Hedgehogs Dare and Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy... looking forward to seeing what they make of Hedgehogs from Outer Space."

My nephew thoroughly loved both Where Hedgehogs Dare and Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy and can't wait for the next one. He is 9 years old and this was perfect for him.

"I bought Where Hedgehogs Dare for my daughter for Christmas and read it before I gave it to her. Good fun."

"This is the third Elizabeth Morley book I've bought for my kids (8-11). My kids love the stories and have said the writing (quality) is good. All the books including this latest Hedgehogs from Outer Space seem easy to pick up and get into."

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