LET SLEEPING HEDGEHOGS SPY is Snipper's first adventure. As the story opens, he is about to set off for a skiing holiday with friends; but a sinister plot is afoot and their holiday is disrupted when Snipper finds himself pitted against a criminal mastermind known only as Mr E.


Snipper is soon on the tail of Mr E but, along the way, he must protect his friends, hide his identity and decide once and for all whether the hedgehog in blue is friend or foe. Perhaps she is nothing to do with Mr E - just a stranger whose book he picked up for her - but a book may contain a code or a secret message...


Snipper's journey takes him from the beautiful but dangerous snow-covered slopes of the Altipsine mountains; through the Needlelands where Van Hogloot - a criminal banker with interantional connections - has his home in a converted windmill; to Icepeak, a remote and starkly beautiful island where Snipper finally comes face-to-face with the mysterious Mr E himself.

141 pages

84 illustrations

postscript explains facts behind the story

black and white £7.00

coming soon in full colour £8.00


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