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Elizabeth Morley wrote and illustrated her first hedgehog story at the age of eleven - inspired by the family of hedgehogs who had taken up residence in her family’s garden. Many years later, she returned to the theme to entertain a friend - a grown-up, who remained young at heart. Thus Snipper, hedgehog hero and secret agent, was born.


Elizabeth's first published book was Where Hedgehogs Dare in 2009, featuring Snippette - a courageous wartime heroine (and future great-grandmother to Snipper). Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy followed in 2013 and Hedgehogs from Outer Space in 2015. Set in the present day, these last two books follow Snipper's own adventures. The first sees him working under cover as a secret agent; the second takes him and his friends (astronauts, scientists and aliens) away from Earth to the international space station and far beyond...


Elizabeth's next book, "The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay",  features another of Snipper's forebears and is an eighteenth century tale of smugglers on the wild and remote Isle of Needles. Contact the author if you would like to be notified when the book becomes available.