WHERE HEDGEHOGS DARE rolls back the clock to the Second World War. Great Bristlin stands alone against Hegemony and needs every hedgehog it can get: Spike has joined his Majesty's Air Force and is flying reconnaissance missions; and Clou has formed an escape line to help Bristlish prisoners-of-war on the run. Snippette is determined to do her bit too - even if it's just making widgets in a factory.


However, the mysterious Field Liaison and Espionage Agency (known to its agents as F.L.E.A.) has something altogether more dangerous in mind, and Snippette will soon hold the fate of nations in her paws. Where Hedgehogs Dare takes Snippette, Flight Lieutenant Spike and Clou, the Compte de Grif, on a dangerous journey behind enemy lines - a parachute drop, crash landing, secret messages, deception and self-sacrifice. Some will be captured. All risk their lives

  81 pages    

  53 illustrations    

 postscript explains facts behind the story  

black and white £5.50

coming soon in full colour £7.00


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