Launch of the space shuttle.



January 2016 - book signing at The New Hedgehog Bookshop, Penrith, Cumbria

February 2016 - author visit to Durstan House School, Ealing
May 2016 - author visit to Wymondley JMI, Hertfordshire
November 2015 - launch of
Hedgehogs from Outer Space
January 2017 - first book trailers launched on YouTube & Vimeo.
December 2012 - launch of
Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy
March 2009 - launch of
Where Hedgehogs Dare
NEW FOR 2021
The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay, 

published in full colour
November 2016 - book signing at Waterstones, Newport, Isle of Wight
January 2016 - website launched.
April 2018 - author visit to Sparrow Farm Junior School, Feltham
July 2019 - book signing at Young Astro and Science Fest,
Isle of Wight Observatory
2019 - colour editions published for Where Hedgehogs Dare,
Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy and
Hedgehogs from Outer Space
November 2019 - author visit to Newton Farm Nursery, Infant & Junior School, Harrow