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Where Hedgehogs Dare, Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy and Hedgehogs from Outer Space  are available in black and white as well as colour. ​Before placing an order, please check you have the version you want.

- buy online or call in at your local branch to order them

- read the reviews along the way - and then write your own

- if you are in the USA


Where Hedgehogs Dare  ISBN: 9781788767149 

Let Sleeping Hedgehogs Spy ISBN: 9781788767132

Hedgehogs from Outer Space ISBN: 9781788767125

The Smugglers of Hog's Head Bay   ISBN 9781839459207

​Colour versions say "paperback colour" after the title.


​​Owing to a technical issue on Amazon, the colour edition of Where Hedgehogs Dare is currently failing to appear in search results. You can find it via the black & white version: click on that first, then click "All Formats" and then finally select Where Hedgehogs Dare - paperback colour. Oof!






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